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How Sciensus Rare can help you across Product Life Cycle

At Sciensus Rare we believe in making sure every family has access to rare disease medicines and care or support they need. ​So, no matter where a patient lives or the regulatory governance of that country, we can safely launch and efficiently deliver vital medication and services for families that need it most.  

​As your partner, we provide a patient tailored end-to-end service that underpins and supports accelerated growth. ​As clinical experts, we improve patient adherence ​and persistence while ensuring patient safety at all times. 

Delivering patient-centric solutions to the most convenient place to help facilitate the best outcome for patients and families. ​ 

Sciensus Rare has supported In excess of 200,000 patients across the UK and Europe,​with over 90,000 clinical deliveries direct to patients and over 1000 deliveries (single and bulk) to hospitals, wholesalers and pharmacies across 22 countries every month We have a  clinically focused workforce: approx. 50% of which are ​clinically qualified.

Fully licensed both in NL,UK holding relevant EMA, GDP ​and MHRA licenses, with each hub having its own GDP responsible person Sciensus  has a co-ordinated global approach to corporate governance, by centralising all regulatory leads into a single team – chief clinical officer, responsible person and chief pharmacist – we can align operational delivery with regulatory, legal and contractual commitments. 

Sciensus Rare offer a range of services across the entire product lifecycle…

Clinical Trials in the home 

  • Clinical nursing support for decentralised trials. ​ 
  • Transition of patients from trial sites​ 
  • Continuity of trial protocol assurance​ 

Medicines Access 

  • Pre and post approval patient access programs. ​ 
  • Individual funding request support​ 
  • Local advanced budget notification  

Global bespoke supply chain 

  • Supply chain solutions for clinical trial, pre and post launch products. ​ 
  • Import and export​ 
  • Bonded warehousing​ 
  • GMP/GDP compliant solutions​ 
  • Cold chain management​ 
  • Order to cash logistics including solutions for gene therapy. ​ 
  • White glove delivery service​ 

Patient and family support 

  • Multi-clinical interventions for patients and families at home ​ 
    or clinic, supporting adherence ​and persistence. ​ 
  • Co-ordination with local ​hospitals and clinicians.

Clinical monitoring in the home 

  • Pharmacovigilance reporting​ 
  • Patient safety follow up​ 
  • Patient communities ​ 
  • Real world evidence ​ (incl. post marketing surveillance, sampling and gene therapy ​follow up testing and CBT). ​ 

If you wish to discuss your requirements in relation to any of our services do not hesitate to contact either Robert Clements at or Andrew Cummins at 

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