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Sciensus Rare, helping find life-changing treatments for rare disease patients

Sciensus Rare is proud to be supporting Rare Disease Day and to be raising awareness of the challenges faced by people living with rare diseases and, ultimately, helping to improve their quality of life.

Supporting rare disease patients and healthcare providers for almost 30 years, Sciensus Rare believes in making sure every family has access to rare disease medicines and the care they need.

Launched in 2008, Rare Disease Day is marked on the last day of February each year. Coordinated by an international community, it aims to improve opportunities, healthcare, and access to diagnosis and treatments for the 300 million people living with a rare disease across the globe. A disease is classed as ‘rare’ when it affects fewer than one in 2,000 people.

Sciensus Rare is part of Sciensus, a specialist provider of pharmaceutical services, logistics and clinical healthcare. The company was established back in 1992 and a year later we began supporting patients, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers with rare disease medicine services.

Our established service continues to support over 20 rare disease pharmaceutical and biotech companies to safely launch and deliver vital medication and clinical services to improve the lives of rare disease patients – no matter where they live or the regulatory governance of that country. With years of clinical experience and rare disease expertise behind us, we offer our partners a fully managed and customisable service, which covers the whole drug lifecycle, from clinical trials in the home through specialised patient and family support with a clear focus on accelerating patient access to medicines, while reducing inequalities for patients in different countries.

Gareth Williams, President of Sciensus Rare, said:

“Many rare diseases have similar symptoms, leading to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. Subsequently, patients’ quality of life can be seriously limited. Knowing that often there is no existing cure or effective treatment can add to the suffering experienced by rare disease patients and their families.

Rare Disease Day is an opportunity to campaign for rare diseases as a human rights priority, something we feel passionately about. Helping to find and bring to market new life-changing treatments for people living with a rare disease is the very reason Sciensus Rare exists. We have supported many clinical trials over the years, including 10 in rare disease areas. The services we can offer range from compounding and manufacturing products under trial, to nursing assistance and data collection from patients in their homes.

Once a drug is manufactured, our teams can walk our partners through the complex supply process and make sure these vital medications can get to the people who need them most, across Europe and beyond. With patients at the very heart of everything we do, we take care of every step of the patient and clinical support pathway. That includes a whole range of activities, such as coordinating with local hospitals and clinicians and using our in-depth knowledge and experience to help patients and their families to improve adherence and persistence with their treatment.”


If you’d like to find out more about how Sciensus Rare could help your organisation safely launch a new medication and make a difference in the life of someone living with a rare disease, get in touch with us today by contacting

About Sciensus Rare

We are part of Sciensus, a specialist provider of pharmaceutical services, logistics, and clinical healthcare in the home. We have over 200,000 patients, and 1,700 employees in the UK and Europe.

Sciensus Rare has been supporting rare disease patients since 1992 and has also been delivering orphan drugs throughout Europe for over a decade. In 2008, we were awarded our first European contract with a rare disease pharmaceutical company, starting with the supply of one orphan drug. Today, our portfolio has grown to cover rare and ultra-rare diseases including ambient and clod chains, and now spans 50 different products delivered to over 4,000 customer points across Europe. In the past year alone, we have established partnerships with 40 pharmaceutical companies and supplied 250,000 units of orphan medications for rare and ultra-rare diseases.

Our role is to represent your pharmaceutical company in the best possible way to healthcare providers, patients, and families. We’ll bring innovation and efficiency to you as your European partner.

We have a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience across our international team to make sure we deliver a service that is responsive to your organisational and patients’ needs. Our offer is always tailored, and we have dedicated points of contact to go the extra mile for you. Together we will develop dedicated solutions that fulfil your desired outcomes.

A tailored complete solution when you are launching a rare disease medicine, from the development of your product to its maturity on the market

We believe in making sure every family has access to rare disease medicines and the care they need. No matter where a patient lives or the regulatory governance of that country, we can safely launch and efficiently deliver vital medication and clinical services for families that need it most.

As your partner, we offer a tailored, fully managed solution designed to meet the specific challenges of launching and delivering orphan drugs for rare diseases to patients in Europe and beyond. We provide the clinical expertise to improve patient adherence and persistence while ensuring patient safety at all times and delivering a complete solution across the drug lifecycle.

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