Setting the PaCE in rare and ultra rare disease services

Patient and Customer Excellence (PaCE) underpins everything we do. It’s more than a set of values or a code of practice; it’s the processes and ways of working we have put in place to ensure operational excellence across all our services.

Through PaCE, we can effectively manage and coordinate International Customer Service, patient services, clinicians, nurses, and treatment sites, ensuring efficiency and excellence at all times.

Delivering a positive patient experience

We’re focused on delivering an excellent standard of care for all our patients with rare diseases. An International Customer Service team is in place to manage the initial hospital account set up and medication orders. They will also be on-hand to answer any queries whether that’s from patients or clinicians.

Once a patient is under our care, we make sure they have access to all the resources they need. We also manage all appointment scheduling and medication deliveries, and have a reminder service and patient checks in place to ensure everything runs smoothly.

With PaCE we’re always driving value and control through leadership and assurance.

Diagnostics, logistics
and clinical support

At the treatment site we’re there to get things started, from preparing to deliver the product to coordinating all the necessary paperwork between clinicians and pharmacies. We will also be responsible for obtaining consent and for all pharmacovigilance reporting.

We have services and logistics in place for diagnostics, covering set up and results gathering, and there are local project teams and country managers in all geographical areas.

Inside the PaCE Team office

The PaCE Team office is the centre leadership, decision making and service assurance. Its aim is to govern, coach, illuminate and support all areas of our service.

Decision making across the full service is based on a clear understanding of what has happened and insight into what might happen as follows:

The Central
Engine Room

Captures information across the customer and patient journey and the timely issue of task requests.


We use the PaCE view of all information to oversee the process and predict upcoming issues through intelligent data analysis.


We lead the service by driving effective decision making, appropriate interventions and continuous improvement. 

Global to local

Although we operate across a global stage, we recognise the need for local programme adaptation to ensure our service works for everyone.

We do this in three ways:

A quarterly meeting

Every quarter we get programme adaptation sign off and issue resolution group. We also hold an innovation review forum for future support with competition in the market.

A bi-monthly meeting

Every other month we review all KPI dashboards, Pharma Co healthcare and patient feedback.

A monthly meeting

Every month local in-country exec teams meet with PaCE local project teams to review and adapt our service quickly, if needed.

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