About Us

We’re part of Sciensus, a specialist provider of pharmaceutical services, logistics and clinical healthcare in the home. The original company was established in 1992. A year later we began supporting patients and healthcare providers with dedicated rare disease medicine services.

Today we have in excess of 200,000 patients, more than 1,500 employees and an annual turnover of c.£1.9billion.

Growing in size, service and scope

In 2008 we were awarded our first European contract with a rare disease pharmaceutical company, starting with the supply of one orphan drug. Today our portfolio has grown to cover rare and ultra rare disease including ambient and cold chain, and now spans 50 different products delivered to over 3,000 customer points across Europe. In the last year, we’ve partnered with 40 pharmaceutical companies and supplied 250,000 units of orphan medications for rare and ultra-rare diseases.

Your partner in Europe

Our role is to represent your pharmaceutical company in the best possible way to healthcare providers, patients and families. We’ll bring innovation and efficiency to you as your European partner.

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